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Job Title: Marketing Manager, Direct Sales Channel
Job Description:
The Marketing Manager, Direct Sales Channel will plan, develop and execute marketing programs, sales collateral / materials, events, and direct mail to support the Direct Sales team. He/she will be responsible for understanding and incorporating the Overture “value proposition” through all marketing and sales materials used by the sales team. This includes up to date understanding of the competitive marketplace and the ability to provide the sales team with the analysis and tools to effectively sell. The incumbent will develop a strong understanding of the business allowing he/she to be able to pro-actively develop programs and operate independently as a champion of the Direct Sales customer point of view across the organization. Responsibilities: ·Ability to pro-actively support sales force needs by developing strong understanding and intuition for the team’s needs ·Work with Marketing team to develop/ execute programs and materials to support key needs of Direct Sales. ·Understand and consistently update methods to externally communicate Overture’s unique value proposition. ·Work closely with Direct Sales management as well as individual reps to ensure Marketing is focused on helping Sales achieve its acquisition and retention goals. ·Develop and execute promotions, events, conferences, and trade oriented events to drive acquisition and retention. ·Develop all collateral material, including sales kits, press kits, brochures, presentations and slip sheets. ·Understand the competition and provide Direct Sales with information and tools to win in the marketplace. ·Develop case studies and testimonials and incorporate into marketing materials. ·Develop and manage Direct Sales component of the marketing budget. Overture (Nasdaq:OVER), formerly known as GoTo, is the world leader in Pay-For-Performance search on the Internet. The company created the market for Pay-For-Performance search by redefining how businesses market online. The company distributes its editorially reviewed search results to tens of thousands of sites across the Internet, including MSN, Lycos and Yahoo!, making it the largest Pay-For-Performance search and advertising network on the Internet. Overture is based in Pasadena, California, with offices in New York, San Francisco, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, South Korea and Japan. For more information, please visit

Wage Range:

Job Type: Full Time Employee

Location: Pasadena, CA, USA

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