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Job Title: Business Planning Analyst,Competitive Intelligence
Job Description:
We are looking for a highly talented and self-motivated individual to join our Business Planning team. In this hybrid role, the Analyst will spend approximately half of their time working on externally focused projects related to understanding Overture’s competitive position and the other half working on internally focused projects devoted to understanding Overture’s business. The individual must be well suited to an interdisciplinary approach, as their work will incorporate statistical and financial analysis, while the communication of findings will be articulated through written reports and spoken briefings. At the same time, coordination with Overture's different business units will call for resourcefulness, flexibility, and leadership. The Analyst will be expected to: ·Master all publicly available intelligence on competitors' business practices, initiatives, financials, and key performance metrics. ·Draft assessment reports of competitors and strategic partners and relay findings to business managers. ·Perform ad hoc analyses of operating metrics and provide insights into the performance of the business. ·Partner with departmental business managers to identify improvement opportunities that can provide positive results to Overture’s operations and bottom line. ·Draw upon their developing external/internal Internet search industry knowledge base to provide insightful and relevant commentary during summits, brainstorming sessions, and high-level meetings that may often include senior management. Overture is the world’s leading provider of Pay-For-Performance search on the Internet. We created the market for Pay-For-Performance search by redefining how businesses market online. We generate and distribute our editorially reviewed search results to an estimated 80% of all active, U.S. Internet users through our partnerships with sites such as MSN, Lycos and Yahoo!, making us the largest Pay-For-Performance search and advertising network on the Internet. Overture is publicly traded (NASDAQ: OVER) and experiencing rapid, profitable growth. We are seeking highly motivated individuals with the skills and confidence to be a part of a high-performance team in a rapidly changing business environment. Overture is based in Pasadena, California, with offices in New York, San Francisco, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, South Korea and Japan. For more information, please visit Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Experience, training: Skills/Qualifications: ·Strong analytical skills, reasoning and writing abilities, experience in various quantitative analyses, and comfort to work independently while dealing with ambiguous and complicated ad-hoc projects. ·Expertise and experience with financial modeling and valuation (e.g., prior work experience in investment banking or similar experience). ·2+ years of experience in financial analysis, consulting, or related areas. ·History of strong academic and work performance.

Wage Range:

Job Type: Full Time Employee

Location: Pasadena, CA, USA

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