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Job Title: Software Configuration Specialist
Job Description:
Will be responsible for organizing and executing the software build process for cross-platform development projects. - In a support role, develops and maintains project Software Configuration Management (SCM) processes. This includes designing custom SCM solutions for the software development, integration, control, and retrieval. - Performs maintenance of SCM tools and scripts (such as..) in an NT-development environment. - Initializes the environment and monitors the progress of software development, providing updates as needed during the development cycle. - Ensures compliance with SCM processes and performs integration of newly developed code upon completion of software development. - Work directly with test team members who perform preliminary integration testing and verification of developmental software, then builds/compiles software and integrates it into the main trunk of development. - Provides guidance and direction to team members for processes involving problem tracking and reporting using PR Tracker. - Responsible for writing and maintaining the Software Configuration Managment Manual and associated documentation for disseminating SCM processes to the development team. Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Education, licenses: Required Education, Certifications, Licenses, etc - BS Computer Science. Preferred Education/Experience - Also familiar with IAR Development Environment, vxWorks, four years experience. Experience in a similar position. Experience, training: Required Experience - Install Shield Development, MS Sourcesafe, MS Visual C++ Development Environment, Familiar with CMM Key Process Area, Familiarity with creating build scripts using nmake, Two years experience.

Wage Range:

Job Type: Full Time Employee

Company: Phogenix Imaging LLC
Location: San Diego, CA, USA

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